New Year New You

Guardian and Evening Standard newspapers

Could it be a New Year new you for you in 2019? For January, SplashMaps teams up with the Guardian and the Evening Standard newspapers to help more people keep their outdoor resolutions with a whopping 20% discount on all our maps.

New Year New You

Jeremy’s raising money for Altzheimer’s research in his 2019 challenges

It’s great to get our message out to these huge audiences and start as we mean to go on in 2019: Getting more people outdoors, enjoying nature and improving their health and wellbeing. The New Year New You campaign aims to help people set those challenges for 2019 and see them through.

Make 2019’s challenge memorably scrunchable


Claire Grogan’s 2019 challenge takes her to the Antarctic

Having a personalised fabric map made of your riding, running or walking challenge makes that commitment solid. A unique fabric map could make 2019’s challenge memorably scrunchable and improve your performance at every stage, from planning and training to way-finding and looking back on one of life’s most memorable achievements.

20% off any SplashMap of anywhere


Where could your Challenge 2019 take you? See some of our customers’ 2018 challenge maps

Look for our “Unique maps for any adventure” advert in the New Year New You supplements of the Guardian (5th January) and the Evening Standard (7th January) to get 20% off any SplashMap of anywhere.

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  1. Swan Tours says:

    Thank you for this post man. its very informative.

  2. Simon Facer says:

    I read about the New Year New You supplement on your website that referred to Fridays edition of The Guardian, went out and bought one…nothing there. Then saw your Facebook post about the supplement being in The Guardian on Saturday, went out and bought one in Leeds.. nothing there again!! Would there be any chance of the discount code being shared with me.?