Adventure, inspire and gift anywhere

They’re now in print. The ultimate evidence that you can adventure, inspire and gift anywhere on the planet for pretty much any outdoor venture you could imagine. From desert to jungle, from lakes to glacier the awesome capability of our global map engine has resulted in stuffable maps that the Scientific Exploration Society refers to as “invaluablel”.


Duncan’s close-to home map

Explore has provided the broadest range of uses we could imagine. But what can this mean for your gift choices?

Buying for a walker?


Mountain Energy will practice their skills on the Ordnance Survey SplashMap

2 great examples of the Ordnance Survey’s 1:25k were produced for projects. Is there any better mapping in the world? With a personalised title at the top and centred on the most significant place to that person (in this case a project’s focus, but for you perhaps a known hiking destination or the place they’ve just moved to). These maps contain the information most would agree as essential for a reliable walk or run plus the intriguing detail of historic battles, sites of interest, tourist information and an attention to rock shapes unparalleled in the world! The ideal gifts anywhere for walkers in the UK.

Buying for a cyclist?

UK Cycle Map South SplashMap

The UK Cycle routes map South will be presented this week. It contains all the Sustrans safe cycle routes, allowing you to define your own challenge. Stay out of the major traffic and just focus on the fun of spinning those wheels. Our destination series of maps covers all National Parks and most popular on and off-road cycling destinations in the country.


Peak District SplashMaps series

Search for the maps by place name and enjoy the optimum cycling scale (1:40k). Each map highlights the bridle paths and byways as a clear overlay on the paths and trails that criss-cross the countryside in the UK. And we’ve used the same style and scale in our international personalised maps, so the perfect cycling maps can be created anywhere on the planet. Buy a gift anywhere for your favourite cyclist.

Looking to inspire?


Sergiu’s Karakorum map inspires study of Glaciation

A map is the ideal gift when looking to inspire. The unusual and tortured land forms in a glacial valley can pique the interest of anyone gazing upon an established U-shaped valley. A map of the most remote area of Mozambique is a healthy reminder that untouched areas need to be preserved. Perhaps looking at these perception changing maps can bring out the explorer in all of us?

Extraordinary places, exceptional conditions

Sally Bingham, “Iron Sally”, Women’s MTB Champion discovered SplashMaps this week

We realise that not everyone will traverse the Namibian deserts following a SplashMap. But by designing the maps to work in these extraordinary places and survive those exceptional conditions, we’ve encompassed the needs of the widest group. By carefully marrying our map styles and materials and offering a range of variations and upgrades, ours is the most tailored gift anywhere this Christmas.

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