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Spell Magazine
Is This The Best Beauty Holiday Accessory?!

"Lush have come up with the ultimate solution thanks to their limited edition SplashMap Knot Wraps"

Active Traveller
5 Stars

"5 star review, May 2017; Washable, tough and easy to use on the trail... the fun and function of the self-customised Make-a-Map feature simply opens up the fascinating world of wearable cartography to everyone, everywhere.""

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For businesses with a new idea finding your way can be tough. This map made of fabric is waterproof. It’s the idea of two mountain bikers and backed not by the banks but by people like you and me.

“If we had just got the money from the bank we would have never got the feedback that we have got on the product and we would never have been able to develop it to such a good level than we have now. We can be really proud of this product and our backers are part of the process of developing that product now.”

Hampshire-based SplashMaps are amongst the first to receive finance using the US crowd funding website Kickstarter…..