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SplashMaps – REAL Outdoor Maps

SplashMaps are REAL outdoor maps designed for clarity and accuracy.  They are Washable, Wearable, All-Weather Fabric maps.

Take them with you if it’s raining snowing windy or sunny; whatever the weather they’ll beat traditional paper and laminate maps in our default weather conditions and won’t smash or lose power like GPS!

A SplashMap weighs nothing and fits anywhere.  It’s beautiful, durable and practical.  It will take all the punishment you can give it and still keep you on track.

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What are people saying?

Col. John Blashford-Snell, The Scientific Exploration Society
John Blashford-Snell uses SplashMaps on Global Expeditions

"SplashMaps are highly innovative and of real value to navigation in the field"

Trail Magazine, March 2014

"Gadget of the Month! ... Cue SplashMaps - a new range of washable wearable all-weather fabric maps. Using OS and OpenStreetMap data, you can create a bespoke walking map at splash-maps.com ..."

Pete Lloyd, Detachment Commander
Hands off my SplashMap! says Army Cadet Commander

"Just to let you know I used my SplashMap for the first time over Easter while supervising gold and silver Expeds.
I've got to say it was invaluable and so much easier to use than a normal paper map. My colleagues were so impressed that I had to keep a close eye on it to stop them from "trying it out" while walking out with their groups!

An awesome bit of kit!"

Kenneth Field
International Map Design experts love SplashMaps

""...the perfect confluence of form and function delivering modern mapping to the outdoor enthusiast in a way that supports their activities 100%""

Mountain Biking UK, June 2013

"I loved being able to draw routes on it … it’s easy to use in any weather and is pretty indestructible."

As featured on the

For businesses with a new idea finding your way can be tough. This map made of fabric is waterproof. It’s the idea of two mountain bikers and backed not by the banks but by people like you and me.

“If we had just got the money from the bank we would have never got the feedback that we have got on the product and we would never have been able to develop it to such a good level than we have now. We can be really proud of this product and our backers are part of the process of developing that product now.”

Hampshire-based SplashMaps are amongst the first to receive finance using the US crowd funding website Kickstarter…..