If you’re relying on your phone’s GPS and find yourself in a place where there is no signal or the battery dies, what will happen? Make sure to bring a physical map with you at all times!

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What Makes SplashMaps Tick Why was I picked for the Hampshire Life Men in Business article in their glossy May 2021 magazine? Seems it’s because they’d seen some of the press around our e-Textile…

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We’re pedalling for business locally across Eastleigh Borough. Here’s our review and a trail guide for your route to riches in their latest business supporting initiative.

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we’ve begun a new series on our YouTube channel (not subscribed yet?) called ‘From your doorstep’. Each week we will release a new video with helpful advice on how you can create the perfect explore in your exercise time.

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Old friends What is it about old friends?  Mine all have different interests but somehow we met in a big pool of other people and the gravity of friendship has held us together. They’re…

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Could reliable navigation dramatically improve your outdoors fun? Current freezing conditions mean you’d be daft to head for the trails underprepared. So, for the ultimate all-season navigation advice, here’s 5 top adventurers’ tips for…

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Designing Petrol Head Maps Walkers, runners, and cyclists may be the biggest customer base for fabric maps, but this week we’ve become Petrol Head Maps designers! Fabric maps present a solution We’re regularly contacted…

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The day the Galileo announcement was made I was at the EU’s Covent Garden building in Brussels the day the Galileo announcement was made that the independent European position system will be closed to…

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A painful realisation About 10 years ago my ego virtually smashed my jaw, tricking me into the worse bike crash I ever want to experience.  “The end?” I considered after the impact, while my…

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