The Wearable Technology Show 16th March 2021

Wearable Technologies

The eSplashMap was tested on a Frosty Mountain Bike ride and found us easily!

Until now you’d be forgiven for thinking wearable Technologies are mostly nagging watch straps and gimmicky track suits that glow.
But not anymore! Now, SplashMaps enters the fray, employing the latest in electronics and the best of fabric mapping with the smartest of partners!

Electronic Fabric Navigation

We are honoured that the organisers of the Wearable Technology Show chose us to present on advances in electronic fabric navigation AND healthcare.

Reveal our latest prototype

SplashMaps are asked to talk at the Wearable Technology Show 16th March 2021
Testing the eSplashMap in our favourite weather

At the show we will be seeking partners to extend these ideas into commercial products and we will reveal our latest prototype. Join us there to find out more get your FREE ticket now!!!

2 responses to “The Wearable Technology Show 16th March 2021”

  1. John l’Ove says:

    At last! This is very exciting indeed.
    Can you still stick it into washing machine?

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