Would you go walking the South Downs Way at -5 Celcius? Chilled veteran and SplashMaps lover Nick Goldsmith did just that AND wild camped along the route. Meet the Adventurers In the first of…

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51% of people interviewed by Visit Britain plan to spend more time outdoors. But what will they do and where? SplashMaps explores the variety of options and uncovers the increasing attention to diversity, inclusivity and environmental impact from the outdoors industry that helps everyone find their own beloved outdoors.

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An innovative way to explore the world Fabric maps are an innovative way to explore the world and discover new places. They are lightweight, waterproof, easy to fold up, and incredibly durable. It’s no…

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Over the past two years we’ve seen a lot of trails. So, ever helpful, SplashMap’s films are a great resource for choosing your Top 5 National Trails. These shorts feature solo trail blazers, couples,…

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Our home country experienced one of the wettest and hottest summers on record! Soaring temperatures and torrential downpours made for an unreliable season. Unsurprisingly, that’s our kind of summer and our customers, retailers and…

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People do amazing things with our maps!  Often these projects begin with a simple upgrade from our personalisation service “Make-a-Map” – but sometimes we get a little more involved.  Here’s how we’ve made this…

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Extending other peoples’ brands When I started SplashMaps (first production prototype now 4 years ago!), I had some pretty obvious ideas about our brand.  We’re about the outdoors; about our customers embracing a good…

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