Extending other peoples’ brands

Extending other peoples’ brands


A brand that causes a “Splash” more than a brand that survives a soaking!

When I started SplashMaps (first production prototype now 4 years ago!), I had some pretty obvious ideas about our brand.  We’re about the outdoors; about our customers embracing a good soaking and finding their way.

“It’s all about the brand” my designer said, then turned my thoughts upon their head.

Soon gone were mud splat browns and comic sans.  Instead a brand that let us straddle a much broader range of users emerged. More recently we’ve begun to REALLY exploit our unique design and print capability.

Now we’re extending other peoples’ brands!  Getting them a bigger bang for the bucks they invested in artwork and intellectual property.  Perhaps we can do the same for you?

Events like the recent Brand Licensing Exhibition, Olympia, provide inspiration and connections

Getting to understand: The Brand Licensing Exhibition attracts folk looking for companies to take their intellectual property in new directions.

Creating new market spaces

We kicked-off this campaign 1 year ago with key-note presentations at the British Cartographic Society, The Society of Cartographers and the Association of Geographic Information.  Simply I asked if anyone wanted to unlock brand new revenue from their exiting map holdings printed on unique premium products.  Just check our product portfolio to see if this worked 😉

Fashion shot Agincourt

Historic Map styles are beautiful! So why not wear them well?

SplashMaps gets to understand a whole host of markets that were always keen on maps, but never previously treated them as a real opportunity.

Right now we are working with Museums to bring their amazing archives to light in a new, more tactile and relevant way.  We’ve worked with Historians to bring their amazing filmic project content to a new audience “through” a fabric map.  We’re in the ethical beauty industry, providing recycled fabric maps to the amazing community of LUSH customers.  And we’re working with some of the best map and guide publishers in the world to bring their fabulous map content to a new audience. And the ideas don’t stop at terra-firma.  We’re making maps of the sea and the stars too.

Our simple “how-to” guide on how to crack it!

We got AtoZ into Beauty!

We got AtoZ into Beauty!

With such diversity, how do we deal with all these requirements?  We share the secret in our free to download book “A  map for all seasons”. You can sign-up to this below!  Downloading the book will get you access to our hints, tips and great examples of how the PANIC design principles can work for you.

Ethical Bribe

Solid state person?  Why not get inspired by our latest catalogue?  We mail this free and it’s packed with great case studies and stories of our favourite projects.

Want to extend your brand into new adventurous areas? Contact us now!

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