Walking the South Downs

Would you go walking the South Downs Way at -5 Celcius? Chilled veteran and SplashMaps lover Nick Goldsmith did just that AND wild camped along the route.

Meet the Adventurers

In the first of our new ‘Meet the Adventurers‘ films, I meet Nick and fellow veteran, Carl, on day 1 of their painful charity venture for a quick coffee and a chat about how he finds his way. Watch the interview here.

Another way to protect your other essential kit when wildcamping with SplashMaps as you Walk the South Downs
Another way to protect kit with a SplashMap

Walking the South Downs Way with a SplashMap

Following our Harvey Maps South Downs Way SplashMap, he demonstrates how they use the ‘Map to Ground’ technique to minimise compass work, battery use and help train the brain. As he points out, the highly detailed map covers the whole 100 miles, yet;

  • weighs only 2oz!
  • scrunches to the size of a sock
  • has enough detail for map-to-ground navigation
  • doubles-up as usefil kit in the cold!

Hidden Valley

Having battled with mental health (PTSD), Nick shares what he’s learned to train his ‘black dog’ with fellow veterans at his Hidden Valley Bushcraft woodland near Bristol.

Support of the NHS’ emergency services

An inspiration in so many ways, it’s great to see that his recent support of the NHS’ emergency services gets broadcast on BBC1 South West, 7:30 Wednesday 26th January 2022. Schdule here!

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