Leaflets for events


Free leaflets with 10% discount codes


Want to offer a great deal for people at your place or event?

SplashMaps Leaflets offer 10% off and are designed to be handed out as part of your event package or support sales. Perhaps they’re in the event bag, distributed in your programme, sit in a pile next to your dipslay or are just handed out to those you think love the outdoors.  The flyers work along-side high profile advertising campaigns running in the major outdoors titles meaning your visitors easily make a connection between your event and some much publicised mapping innovations.


1) We’d love to contact you to check SplashMaps and your idea are a great fit before sending
2) Do consider selling fabric maps for your event.  Everyone gets the right one and you get a tidy margin (orders over 40 units see Trade pages)
3) Do consider becoming an affiliate and make money for you or your event with your own exclusive SplashMaps link for use on email, social media and your website.

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Dimensions 51 × 21 cm


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