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SplashMaps retailers are vital in helping people engage with the outdoors.  From boutiques to independent bike shops, from Cosmetic businesses to Museums and visitor centres join a growing list of retailers determined to help people find those local trails using our maps of anywhere!  Fabric maps and masks give an array of unique, desirable and versatile products at a range of attractive price points.

Join the family! SplashMaps will support you with great customer service, bespoke design services and support on marketing.  Just ask!

SplashMaps are stocked on 4 continents, but do you see an underserved market for maps local to you?  Do you have a business that loves the outdoors and aims to help people find their way to the wellbeing you’ll only find on the trails?  Then it’s time to contact us!

Complete the “My custom design” form at the bottom of this page and check our Trade Prices for all standard and exclusive items here.

Check out our NEW Price list for Masks and Toob Masks here.

Corporate/ promotional opportunities

SplashMaps can offer unique and exciting promotional products and corporate marketing tools. We take a genuine Ordnance Survey map of any location in England, Scotland or Wales….. graphically highlight any feature….. add your points of interest, text or logos…. and you have great-looking merchandise to make a unique contribution to your marketing or promotional campaign!  Complete the “My custom design form” at the bottom of this page and check our prices on all non-standard offerings here.

Check out our NEW Price list for Masks and Toob Masks here.

Custom choices

Want a fine fabric print of your own image or have us make you a fabric map from our own licensed data sets? Perhaps you’d like the colours to match your brand, the map to fit your event or the custom options be available to all your consumers? Downloading our book, “A Map for All Seasons” from the home page will help with ideas. Got the idea? Then it’s time to fill-in the “My custom design form” at the bottom of this page before ordering your first prototype.

Check out our NEW Price list for Masks and Toob Masks here.


Our Affiliate programme means you can share in the rewards! You make money on every map sold thanks to your influence!

We’re looking for bloggers, complimentary product sellers and influencers in outdoors, travel, gift ware and the publishing worlds. Think you can attract new customers to SplashMaps? We’d love to hear from you.

An application to become an affiliate of unique SplashMaps products is simple. We’ll consider your reach, influence and fit with SplashMaps’ brand.

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My Custom design

  • Give your project a title - It'll help us keep all the information together
  • Think of the Purpose it will serve, the Audience it's intended for, the Needs it fulfills and therefore the Information it needs to convey. Great advice in our book "A Map for all seasons" downloadable from our Home Page.
  • the address you'd like us to respond to
  • It's important for us to properly undersand your project; phone is often best for getting to a great first prototype
    We've an excellent print capability for fine detail on fabrics, but we get the optimum results when you can assure us a print file that meets these requirements.
    Which of the SplashMaps styles and scales will you use
  • Our designs range from the conventional walking maps to the highly vibrant city maps, the serious satellite imagery to the novelty branded merchandise. Map design is our thing! Test us out.
  • How many will you need?
    You may have varients on your initial design or you may want to provide a completely unique product for each user.
    A bulk shipment to a single location through to serving directly to your end consumers. We cover the bases!
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