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The Indonesia Map from SplashMaps covers the whole archipelago on as an all-weather fabric map.

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SplashMaps' Indonesia comes from the Times Atlas from Harper Collins

SplashMaps’ Indonesia comes from the Times Atlas from Harper Collins

The Indonesia Map from SplashMaps covers the extent of the Archipelago from Sumatra to Papua New Guinea. It is designed to be stuffed in a rucksack and can even help to keep you and your kit dry as it’s made from our Pro breathable weatherproof fabric.

Partnership with Harper Collins

Harper Collins own a number of famous map makers. Our relationship with them allows us to print some of the most familiar, logical and beautiful maps ever made. Check out our AtoZ street level mapping, Collins Maps and Times Atlas collections.

This is just one of our maps designed by legendary cartographers, Harper Collins.

Why have a SplashMap in Indonesia Map?

Could there be a better companion for navigating Indonesia’s diverse and challenging environment? Designed to withstand the country’s unpredictable rainy seasons and hot, humid conditions, SplashMaps are both waterproof and durable. So when you’re trekking through dense jungles, or exploring vibrant cities or stunning coastlines, SplashMaps provide reliable, easy-to-read guidance.

Perfect Indonesia Map in downpours & extreme sunshine

Their fabric construction means they won’t tear or degrade when wet, making them perfect for sudden downpours. Additionally, SplashMaps can be folded, worn, or even used as a makeshift shelter or bandana to protect against the intense tropical sun. These maps are versatile, durable, and user-friendly, ensuring that adventurers, tourists, and locals alike can confidently explore Indonesia’s rich landscapes and urban areas, regardless of the weather conditions.


Major Islands:

Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Bali, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Singapore, Phuket (Thailand), Sumbawa, Flores, East Timor


Additional information

Dimensions 72 × 54 cm


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