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Cotton face mask

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Cotton half face mask

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Our cotton face mask is made to the usual high-quality standard as all our products. Like all SplashMaps they are washable, reusable, unisex, highly robust and designed for practicality and comfort in use.

Perfect as a first line of defence against airborne contaminants, the masks also keep fingers away from your airways and, when worn, show consideration for those you encounter on your walks, runs, rides and shopping missions.

Soft cotton, pleating and hoops around the ears assure a comfortable universal fit.

Why wear one?

How do cotton face masks help? Latest work from the Professor of Primary Care Health Sciences at Nuffield Trust, Oxford University, Trisha Greenlagh OBE, says that wearing cotton face masks reduces the chance of you passing-on infection 36 fold. Here’s the report (13th April 2020) including translations into 17 languages and lots of FAQs. Please feel free to share!

How else can SplashMaps help?

SplashMaps encourage you to make the most of any outdoor time you have available. We provide a range of maps of your area to help you explore, each made of weatherproof, wearable fabrics which double-up as a basic mask. Here’s some specifics of how we’re helping guide you during the Covid crisis.

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1 review for Cotton face mask

  1. andrew. (verified owner)

    Still working through this lockdown the Splashmaps cotton face mask gives me the confidence that I won’t pick up any virus by inadvertently touch my mouth. It also gives me confidence that I won’t pass any virus on before I show symptoms. This mask is light, comfortable to wear , easy to breath through and dries quickly as I wash it every evening. Also as face masks go this one also looks good.👍

    • David Overton (verified owner)

      Hi Andrew
      Thanks for the feedback! I’m so pleased this product works for you. Stay well!

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