The most influential people in geography

This week we kick-off our 2014 efforts to work with the most influential people in geography.


1) The GeoMob has been the most supportive membership group we’ve experienced in our young life of fabric mapping.  Not only are they a great  number of supporter of what we’re doing with open and volunteer data, but they’ve also financially supported us as backers in our Crowd Funding beginnings.  We’ve been lucky enough to present at geomob events over the past year, and now we’re lucky enough to sponsor their #Geobeers!

Within this group we’ve already found excellent developers to help on our Yosemite Map offering and even helpers for our stand at the Outdoors Show in FebruaryOn Tuesday 14th January I’ll be able to share our progress with the group at the latest quarterly Geomob gathering in London.

2) We’ve been invited to give the evening talk at the UKGeoForum event in London on 23rd January.  Arnulf Christl, our Chief Data Officer and winner of the coveted 2013 Sol Katz award for services to Open Source in the geographic information world, will give the talk at the Royal Institute for Chartered Surveyors.

This event is the one time the key learned institutions in Geography.  RICS, the AGI, The Society of Cartographers, the British Cartographic Society and the Royal Geographical Society & IBG (amongst others) get together to shape their collective year.  It’s an honor we don’t take lightly, and an opportunity we’ll make the most of.  We want to work with members in areas where our maps-onto-fabric technology help get the best cartography into everybody’s hands.

It’s a terrific way to start the year; preparing for a busy season with the guys who understand the back-office!

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