Outdoors Show February 13-16th 2014, Excel, Docklands, London

We’re thrilled to be at the Outdoors Show this year!  It’s no surprise we signed up again. Last year resulted in a fat little black book, a lot of new friends, a visit from the Dragons Den and loads of follow-ups we’re still sifting through now.  We even got our maps demoed on the Ordnance Survey stand!

Chris Butler uses our SplashMap at his Navigation demo at Outdoors Show 2013

Chris Butler uses our SplashMap at his Navigation demo at Outdoors Show 2013

So what makes a good show?  Hopefully all the things I’ve been sold on this year by our friend Sam at the re-branded Telegraph Outdoor Adventure & Travel show 2014.

Our stand this year faces onto the Nocturn track for the evening entertainments and bike races; it sits between the Outdoors and the Bikes (suits our brand),it’s open on two sides (not so couped-up this time) and the shows rebranding means we should attract a broader crowd in a bigger space, and we’re not sharing that space with the Boatshow this year!  (A shame in a way; my favourite sale last year was to a boating stray who bought our maps because he’d once bought a Maserati at a shop in the middle of our New Forest Map!).  But what replaces boats?  Triathletes!  The Show combines the Bike Show, Triathlon show and The Outdoor Adventures.  It’s a triple wammy for us.  And with our overseas plans developing there are plenty of potential overseas destinations represented too.  I could take the rest of the year off!

There’s an impressive attendees list and the usual fun for all the family.  Really looking forward to it, and to seeing everyone there again!  You’ll love it too!

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