SplashMaps’ open principles get rewarded.

Arnulf & the Sol Katz AwardSplashMaps’ fabric maps are not just a product of print and geospatial technology innovation.  In fact they are mostly a solid talisman of our “open principles” applied to product development. 

With so many relevant conferences, September (“Maptember” as the Geo-world called it) would have to be the month where our open principle become recognised.  And they did!

Relying upon Open Source – our CDO and Open Source guru Arnulf Christl

We were at FOSS4G (Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial) a few days ago where our Chief Data Officer, Arnulf Christl, picked up the coveted Sol Katz award for his dedication to open source geospatial software.  Arnulf held the presidency of OSGeo for four years and he and I have been involved in projects implementing some of that software into the processes of the National Mapping Agencies in a number of countries. 

SplashMaps is Arnulf’s first venture into making a physical and commercially successful consumer product from the fruits of “Open”. 

The award underlines our expertise in the management of data using open technologies. Arnulf has a phenomenal mind, a thoughtful approach and the practical capability to architect and run the SplashMaps engine.  The award is very well deserved, and the SplashMaps team work with that evidence of that every day.

Engaging the Experts – Our Open Innovation approach

The Society of Cartographers, at their 49th annual conference, embraced our “Cartographer of the month” initiative, offering-up some of the best cartographic talent to work on our data.  The basic principle is that we cannot be the best experts at cartography for all the activities we target.  So we plan to engage a community of experts who are!  And in return they get to see their cartography made into commercial product tested on a live and growing market of outdoor adventurers.

This exciting initiative will run from January next year and we are already working with society members on plans for next year’s Tour de France and the 42 peaks of the infamous Bob Graham Round!

Our “open principles” assure a successful future for our Maps.  Combined they support a business model which will constantly evolve and will always match the technical advances to user expects.

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