Col. John Blashford-Snell, The Scientific Exploration Society Expedition leader Scientific Exploration Society - https://www.ses-explore.org/about
John Blashford-Snell uses SplashMaps on Global Expeditions

"The Splash Maps you kindly provided for the Kenya Expedition were the only good maps we had and were invaluable.
Thank you so much."

Sunday Times Travel Magazine Journalist The Sunday Times - https://www.twitter.com/ST_TravelMag
Map Mastery - Chart Hit

"Paper Maps could be a thing of the past now we've found these fabric alternatives. No more fighting with folds or rain-soaked paper, just scrunch it up and put it in your pocket. (You can personalise yours to feature anywhere on the globe.) We'd much rather live in a material world!"

Spell Magazine Beauty Journalise Spell Magazine - https://spellmagazine.co.uk/?p=9795
Is This The Best Beauty Holiday Accessory?!

"Lush have come up with the ultimate solution thanks to their limited edition SplashMap Knot Wraps"

Wanderlust Magazine Editor Wanderlust - https://wanderlust.co.uk
Wanderlust says SplashMaps is "Genius!"


Trail Magazine

"Gadget of the Month! Using OS and OpenStreetMap data, you can create a bespoke walking map at splash-maps.com ..."

Pete Lloyd, Detachment Commander Duke of Edinburgh's Award Assessor Greater Manchester Army Cadet Force - https://armycadets.com/county/greater-manchester-acf/
Hands off my SplashMap! says Army Cadet Commander

"it was invaluable and so much easier to use than a normal map. An awesome bit of kit!"

Douglas Law, Ely

I got home today and found my map waiting for me. It far exceeds my expectation and I look forward to using it on the hills. No more map cases for me.
Many thanks,

Clare Jones Relationships Guru What3Words - https://what3words.com/
SplashMaps partner with the latest location revelation, What3Words

"Splashmaps with what3words is a perfect partnership for explorers and travellers. Fabric maps printed with 3 word addresses can help locate first aid points, bike repair shops, payphones, pubs and other key point with ease - even when there is no data connection."

5 Stars

"5 star review, May 2017; Washable, tough and easy to use on the trail... the fun and function of the self-customised Make-a-Map feature simply opens up the fascinating world of wearable cartography to everyone, everywhere.""

Andy Gatticker South Downs Way Officer

"…a great idea, easy to stuff in a bag or pocket, light and indestructible."

BBC Countryfile Magazine

"…You can stuff these all-weather maps in your pocket, safe in the knowledge that they won’t fall apart if soaked."

Bike Biz

"… they don't tear, run out of battery or fall prey to other disadvantages of paper maps or new fangled electronic ones."

CTC Cycle Magazine

"… it has so many uses I’d take one with me as well as a GPS"

Cyclist Magazine

"Perfect for mopping-up those Strava segments."

Daily Mail online

"(the) first Wearable map (that) helps hikers navigate in all weathers"

Hampshire Chronicle

"… aimed at anyone on an outdoor adventure and can be used in all weather conditions"

John Lyons, Sheffield
What a great product. A hat, a neck warmer, a map and a host of memorable routes and stories all in one.

"The Ben Nevis Splashmaps hoop (Stretch) is amazing. What a great product. A hat, a neck warmer, a map and a host of memorable routes and stories all in one. Brilliant idea. Cairngorms next I think.
Thanks for your help and prompt service."

Kenneth Field Chair International Cartographic Association Commission on Map Design - https://icaci.org/
International Map Design experts love SplashMaps

"...the perfect confluence of form and function ..."

Mountain Biking UK

"I loved being able to draw routes on it … it’s easy to use in any weather and is pretty indestructible."

Outdoor Fitness

"Fed up with your maps disintegrating in the rain or else the sharp laminated edges digging in through your pockets? SplashMaps could be the solution."

Perry McGee The National Tracking School

"Everyone should have a SplashMap in their kit."

Siân Anna Lewis The Girl Outdoors Blog

"Big fan of Splashmaps, such a great idea!"