The Gift of Adventure

Who in your life gives The Gift of Adventure?

There’s always someone who nails it every time.  You get a gift and wander if you’ll ever use it.  Often it’s not something you’d asked for, but something that’s genuinely (possibly accidentally) come from their assessment of you and your life and how they can make it better.

Gift giving is an art form.  You’re probably a professional?

The gifts might not be expensive, but their value grows when you first use them.

Perhaps it’s the “spork” you find in your camping gear that’s reduced your washing up and the weight on your back? Or perhaps it’s the introduction to Survival training that gave you the burst of Adrenalin as an exciting one-off or even a path to a more adventurous you?

The Gift of Adventure

What ever it was, someone had the idea, and they thought of you!

Gift Givers

I love these people.  You’re probably one of them if you’re reading this.  There’s definitely one in my family and I have a whole database full of these considerate souls.  At SplashMaps they’re called the “Gift Givers” and they outnumber all other categories of customers we have!  They read outdoors magazines, value uniqueness and versatility, they walk or cycle (a lot) and usually have at least some level of regular outdoor hobby.  Increasingly they share their outdoors love on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and they shop in places that do too! Importantly, they’re prepared to weather that “why did they get me this?” moment, safe in the knowledge that the real value of the best gifts comes later.

Okay the gift got me here…

Where to find them?

Of course we sell a lot of SplashMaps directly, but this won’t reach all these fabulous people.  We have some amazing influencers who sign-up to our affiliate model to further motivate the gift givers.  So SplashMaps is embracing The Gift of Adventure by embracing the major gift fairs of the season.  During the season we will share all the new offers that support the gift buyer and motivate their entire network from the journalist to the influencer and adventure destination shop keeper.  What a great place to meet the industry that supports this mass generosity? Find us at Q43 at the exclusive TopDrawer, Olympia, London 10-12th September.

…but dug me out of a hole here!  The true value of a gift?

Unwanted Gifts?

Why not be the person that gives the Gift of Adventure?  Right now, set up something personal and utterly utterly unique. Improve someone’s escape!

As for the gifts I get from my thoughtful gift giver?  They don’t always hit the spot. After all it’s a percentages game!  Any idea what I can do with the Shakespearean insult dictionary he gave me this year?

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