SplashMaps Customers Have Their Say…

SplashMaps Customers Have Their Say…

Emma and her SplashMap Sleepy Nico baby carrier are winners!!

Not everyone can be bothered with surveys, polls, questionnaires etc., we know that, so we’re thrilled with the response to our ‘tell-us-what-you-think-of-SplashMaps’ style questionnaire. Comments have come from customers across the globe who use their SplashMaps for a wide range of outdoor activities and adventures, we really appreciate their feedback and thought we’d share some with you.

Stuart from Grantham says that his, “Does exactly what it should do, easy to use, print quality matches OS paper map printing, screws up and can be stuffed in a back pack and used again and AGAIN, even my kids can stow it away.”


So, where does Al Leebourke from Ayr in Scotland keep his SplashMap? In the top of my cycle pack or pocket or round my neck – to consult it just pull it off and ready to go”


Why does Pamela from Coopersburg, USA love her SplashMap? “Because it’s soft and comfy, and I can wash it”Splashmaps neck warmers

What does Mark from Farnham, Surrey love about his? “The idea of writing on it and washing it and using it gain”


Kind Susan from Fareham says she “Gave the whole South Downs version [as a gift]. Big hit!”

Clare from Lynton thinks her SpalshMap “Looks good and is very unusual! Really good for plotting journeys.”


IMG_8406Mike from York believes that “Waterproofing and being washable is obviously very helpful”


Alice from Bedford is clearly chuffed with hers “Brilliant, does what it says it will!”


It’s great to hear what you think, so thanks to everyone, from Northern Scotland to Pennsylvania and beyond, who’s taken the time to let us know and if you haven’t yet, there’s still time, a new survey should have popped into your inbox (15th Nov 2016) and we’d love to hear from you too!

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