Summertime media splash!

SplashMaps’ Summertime Media Splash!

Making a Splash

Our campaign covers National Television and the best of the outdoor consumer magazines, on-line media and the FREE magazines in the best outdoors shops

Our recent 5 star review helped kick things off for the best season of all to buy a SplashMap.  Make use of the longer summer evenings and bright mornings and tickle your adventure bone with the challenge of discovery throughout the season.

Summertime Media Splash!

Our adverts, editorials, interviews, travel and adventuring tips are being picked up by the best magazines – and probably your favourite reads.

Outdoor Enthusiast is a FREE magazine. Pick it up at Cotswold Outdoors and get 15% off!

You may even see us on the Telly!

Check us out in Outdoor Enthusiast, Active traveller, Cycle Traveller, The Great Outdoors.  Not in your title?  Well here’s our latest media release.

We’ve always some great tips for the outdoors so get in contact for our next big launch.




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