SplashMaps will launch a world first in Chichester

Announcing Make-a-Map at geomob

Announcing Make-a-Map at geomob

Our forward diary continues to fill.  And amongst the events SplashMaps will launch a world first in Chichester on November 12th.

In September we presented  on our Cartography at the Society of Cartographers, our use of Open Source geo-tools at the FOSS4G conference and, in October, our business progress at GeoMob.

Our next talks will be about;

  • SplashMaps’ innovation in map making at the UK Geoforum on 23rd January at the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, London.

It’s so good that SplashMaps raise this level of interest at the Universities and our learned geographical  institutions (all of them at the event above!).

At our heart we’re doing things for the REAL outdoors, but being invited to speak at these events shows that our mapping and business credentials create a bit of excitement in the market. Almost as much excitement as taking part in the bonfire night night-ride I just enjoyed with the New Force Mountain Bike Club!

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