Three Splashes at FOSS4G 2013


FOSS4G celebrates the growing openness in our market

FOSS4G celebrates the growing openness in our market

We’re looking forward to taking part in FOSS4G this year.  It’s a great show and highlights some of our process principles when it comes to making our fabulous REAL outdoors maps!

Firstly we’re using Open Data!  We’re experts at integrating all kinds of geographic data from a number of sources having tested ourselves on European Collaborations and Map Action challenges.  With a strengthening foundation of volunteer data from the Open Street Map and increasingly available data from government agencies and local authorities we’ve taken these skills and applied them to a map where all the content is from completely open sources.

Secondly we want a completely future –proof software stack as we plan to be around for some time!  So we use the best of the Open Source software in our industry.

Thirdly we’re big on personalisation!  We’ve entered one of our completely unique site centred maps into the Gallery https://2013.foss4g.org/conf/gallery/.  We made this for one of our Kickstarter Crowd Fund backers, but this is now (through the wanders of Open Source!) become possible for all with our range of new tailoring options at https://www.SplashMaps.net.

Arnulf Christl, our CTO, will be there!  Ask him about all the above and get him to show you our latest in fabric navigation technologies!

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