SplashMaps International European Launch

Where’s the best place for an open mapping company to launch its European Portfolio?

Wherecamp Berlin for the European launch of SplashMaps International

Wherecamp 2014 marks the 10th anniversary of OSM (OpenStreetMap – the system of crowd sourced mapping).  And it’s taken that long to get it onto fabric.  As I’m always asked “Why hadn’t someone thought of that before?”

See our Media Release 20141119 November release International

OpenStreetMap is the backbone of our mapping as we go international.  Having been beta testing the data for the past 2 years in Great Britain we are now confident to expand beyond our boundaries.

Close detail of the map

Close detail of the map style on our new satin-like material

In fact when our Angel investor, Lokku (represented by Ed Freyfogle) presents SplashMaps’ International European Launch to the audience of OpenStreetMap users and commercialisers (like Skobbler and TelNav) we will be able to give unfettered access to the output of our global map engine.

Simply head to our Personalised map section and see the world open up to you during the conference.  And ask Ed to show you his samples!

In addition we will be building a portfolio of fixed area maps of the most popular areas, starting in and around Germany.

It can all be yours… in fabric!


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