Sharing a Dream with an Angel

Shaking with Ed on Lokku's investment

Shaking with Ed on Lokku’s investment

At SplashMaps we’ve prospered by sharing our dream with an Angel investor, Lokku (I hope you were expecting that from the title;  this isn’t Mills and Boon you know!)

Ed Freyfogle, founder of Lokku, an investor in an increasing family of geo-start-ups, explained the strategy behind these investments  for the Geo-Hipster blog.  The interview highlights some key elements.

  • SplashMaps is declared the most Geo-Hip of the investment to date(Flattered!  And sorry to the rest of the family… because we’re honored to be in the same portfolio as you!)
  • But there’s strong congruence between the family (the purpose of the diverse portfolio begins to become apparent…).
  • And some solid business thinking behind all of these (there’s a good pedigree of thinking behind this increasing portfolio of geo-investments).

Ed explains some of his ideas for supporting analogue products emerging from Digital content. But he clearly identifies the opportunity space we’re all in together.  “…all of a sudden we all carry around a supercomputer that knows exactly where we are at all times. But I don’t think anyone grasps how radically this will change everything.”

For a full description of what a geo-hipster is try this from Atanas, the blogger himself.  Sufficient to say, these are the “influencers” in the geo-market in this fascinating phase of geography meets digital meets internet meets social media and digital media times.


In the interview we

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