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Ukraine Map Toob of Kyiv


Ukraine Map Toob from SplashMaps – Raising funds together with the Outdoor Industry Association and the Polish Outdoor Group.

Other map formats for Kyiv and World Wide


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The SplashMaps Aid for Ukraine Map Toob of Kyiv raises funds for Ukrainian refugees and those internally displaced within Ukraine. Horrified by the unprovoked attack on a peaceful nation’s citizens? Then this could be the best way to show your support.

All profits go to charity

SplashMaps, the OIA & POG

SplashMaps, the OIA and POG team-up to get aid to Ukraine

ALL profits go to charity. So, rather than offering a percentage discount, we are offering the whole lot to a local charitable cause that the Poland Outdoor Group has picked. We are enormously proud of our work with the Outdoor Industries Association and the Poland Outdoor Group and hope you will show your love for the outdoors and support for Ukraine by wearing one of these with pride!

No compromise

AND our awesome supply chain (map service through to printers) are right behind us! They’ve all discounted their work for this important cause. That’s how we’ve made this Aid for Ukraine Map Toob of Kyiv at an amazing price yet keep SplashMaps’ ‘no compromise’ approach to map, material and print quality.

Outdoor Industry Association and Polish Outdoor Group

SplashMaps are proud be working with the OIA and POG to raise funds for the Ukrainian Crisis. Both these groups are non-profit trade bodies who work with brands and retailers of outdoor equipment – together they have sourced thousands of sleeping bags, mats, tents and more for refugees leaving and fighters remaining in Ukraine and are helping get high quality outdoor product to the areas of most need.

Uniquely positioned to help

The outdoor industry is uniquely positioned to help in this crisis. Because the same kit we create for outdoor extremes is exactly what’s needed to combat the elements the whole industry can play a part. From sleeping bags, mattresses and weatherproof clothing to stoves, boots and – of course – Toobs!

Unique map option

Would you rather make a map of anywhere else?  Start here with a map centred on the capital, Kyiv, then move the map where you like and choose a product that best suits you.

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