City maps

Get the most out of your stay with SplashMaps City maps designed for every occasion. Whether you’re exploring the tourist sights or planning a walk or run to explore your new surroundings, we’ve got a SplashMap that’s right for you.

From our classic fabric SplashMaps and Satin Scarves to city maps on Toggle Toobs and face coverings, you’ll find the perfect fabric map for your adventure.

Disconnect and Reconnect

When you’re exploring a vibrant city, we recommend trying to disconnect so you can reconnect. What does that mean? Disconnect from your tech – turn notifications off and resist the urge to use your maps app to navigate. You’ll save on battery and maybe even data charges and instead you’ll reconnect with your surroundings.

By using a physical map you can hold, you’ll become a more present and careful observer as you navigate using your senses rather than blindly following the blip or voice on your phone.

Take a confident visit to London with our ‘must see guide’ here. Plus check the finest maps of the UK, Europe and USA’s finest cities below.