Scotland’s Map for the Summer Isles

Could this be the most dedicated of Scotland’s Map collection for Sea Kayakers? When Will Copestake of Kayak Summer Isles contacted me, I instantly knew he was more than a weekend hobbyist.

Taking a break! Will plans the route while clients relax

Simplified tide indicator

His enthusiasm was infectious. Setting up an Ordnance Survey on our Map Maker, rather than a Sea Chart, he proposed a simplified tide indicator for the map and uploaded his characteristic ‘breakwater’ logo for his own promotion. Of course the coastal map had to be waterproof 💦, no probs there. But the rest was geo-invention!

Scotland’s Map tidal markers

Our designer loved the logo so much he incorporated it into SplashMaps’ first ever Scotland’s Map tidal markers, the distinctive canoe & breakwater making ideal arrow heads.

Will received his batch of 40 wholesale SplashMaps in early May, immediately jumping on Instagram to show-off their utility.

Will promotes his exclusive SplashMap in a highly effective campaign

At the end of the 3rd week in May he wrote to us.

‘Will here. I hope you’re doing well mate,’ he began.

Managed to sell almost all maps already

‘I just wanted to write in and say, Wow! How popular the maps have been so far! I’ve managed to sell on almost all of the maps already! Which is phenomenal. I’ll definitely be keen to put in another order in, likely early next month.’ 

‘I’ve also put together a wee google Drive which I’ll continue to add to with new photos as I get the chance to take more in the coming months. Please use them for however you wish.’ 🙏 A perfect partnership appeared to be forming.

Paddler with Summer Isles SplashMap

🛶’I really genuinely think you should target these at sea kayakers. Especially if you add the tidal information. I’ve already had a few guests go home with goals to print them for Anglesea, and their home areas. Everyone I have shown them to is incredibly impressed.’

We took note, and Anglesey – in addition to our other uk maps here – is in the pipeline.

Keen to collaborate on uk maps

‘I’d definitely be keen to put a few more options out there soon too. Out of curiosity, how hard would it be to make one of ___ _______ similar to this?[🤫]  If so I may be keen to collaborate and try add all of the tidal flow data onto one and make it as an available map.’ 

‘I’m also sending a few contacts your way from [🤗] who I think could be excellent clients.’

Another VERY Lucrative possibility…’, the email went on and our discussions grow from here.

A Huge believer

With his background in Sea Kayaking from the Antarctic and Patagonia to the Arctic, it’s testament to SplashMaps he signed off saying, ‘I am a HUGE believer in this product.’

Thanks Will! Kayak Well.

Your turn?

Already have a place you’d love to share with your clients or teams? Well, these days SplashMaps work out more affordable and infinately more reliable and long lasting than the competition. Write to us now and you could be a SplashMap re-seller too!

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