Our own REAL outdoors specification

At SplashMaps we’ve done awfully well out of Open Data.  It gives us the freedom to make our own “REAL outdoors” specification to counter the relatively crowded and unfocussed map offerings from more traditional map makers.

Being able to integrate the data from a number of sources has always been a skill of our team, and on top of this open data means we have the freedom to commercialise without getting embroiled in lengthy agreements and restrictions.

So this means we take the best of the information you need on a map and we pull it together David and Arnulfto give you the most useful and usable map you’ve ever experienced.

This month GIS Professional has published a paper co-written by two of our directors, David Overton and Arnulf Christl.  Here we cover just why we choose this kind of data, how it’s unlocking innovation in navigation and what we hope to see from future Open Data.


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