Create your own Personalised printed stuffable Map

just £28.99 + delivery (Delivery starts from just £1.42)

A perfect gift for everyone who loves the outdoors, including walkers, hikers, mountain bikers, and...

Weatherproof fabric maps, perfect for MTB trail-finding, don’t need signal, batteries or folding and won’t smash, tear or turn to mush. Centre them anywhere (world-wide!) and give them a personal title/logo, maybe upgrade to Toob/versatile headwear or even go supersize for route-planning shower curtains! From £7 SplashMaps are anyone’s personal challenge gift


  • No map carrier
  • No weight
  • No batteries
  • No fuss
  • destination-trail-splashmaps-tood-headwear

    How you create your own map...

    Watch the video to see how easy it is to create your own...

    Optional Upgrade: Just +£2 for Toob (Versatile Headware)

    When completing your order, select the 'Toob' upgrade.

    Versatile headwear
    A Toob of Harvey Maps' Ben Nevis Map
    Ski Toob Mont Blanc Les Contamines

    What they say about our maps...

    Map-check wherever!

    "Hands off my SplashMap! says Army Cadet Commander"

    "it was invaluable and so much easier to use than a normal map. An awesome bit of kit!"

    - Pete Lloyd, Detachment Commander

    Sunday Times travel sledge

    "Map Mastery - Chart Hit"

    "Paper Maps could be a thing of the past now we've found these fabric alternatives. No more fighting with folds or rain-soaked paper, just scrunch it up and put it in your pocket. (You can personalise yours to feature anywhere on the globe.) We'd much rather live in a material world!"

    - Sunday Times Travel Magazine