Paul’s Favourite bit of kit

Paul’s Favourite bit of kit is a SplashMap!

Paul McLoughlin from Wigan is the real name of popular fell-walker “@glocky9” who tweets regularly from the Lake District Fells.

He recently created a Toob using our personalisation service.  1 size fits all with SplashMaps® Stretch™ fabric.  He’s one of the first to embark on a summer season of hill challenges using our latest offering.  And here’s what he got:-

A Toob neck warmer with Paul’s own title and of his home patch. Time you made an exclusive one-off like this?

Stretch™ fabric has been selected by SplashMaps for a host of properties designed around outdoor enthusiasts like Paul. Not only is it the unique antidote to being lost with it’s an amazingly good map print, but we’ve carefully chosen this fabric to keep you comfortable in all weathers (see details below).

How did he let the world know?

You can see he’s keen on photography (check his videos from all his local peaks too!), but he just happens to have 13 300 followers on twitter!  And guess the response?

Well the result was a busy Tuesday evening for both him and me, fielding 900 people that responded to the tweet and its aftermath.  In fact @glocky9’s followers were so engaged I was happy to grant them a discount (cheeky blighters!)

And what about that material?

Benefits beyond great mapping

Stretchable in both dimension; one size fits all

Breathable, soft fabric for comfort

Thermal insulating with option to “double-over” for colder days

Close weave for better protection from wind

Multiple ways to tie and wear on head, neck or both in a balaclava style

Wicking – takes moisture away from the body

Fast drying – absorptive

Quality manufacture

Quality Edge stitched to prevent runs & ladders developing

Accurate lock stitched internal seam for strength and to maximise uninterrupted map area

Branded label external to product on same soft fabric

Physical features

Fabric :                  Microfiber Polyester

Compositing:     90 % PES 10% Elastan

Fabric weight:    200 gr/m²

Overall printed product weight 46g





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