Latest Retailer Woodland Ways

We met Woodland Way’s Jason Ingamel at the Bear Grylls Survival Festival last month.  As well as running the largest and award winning courses in Bushcraft and survival in the UK, Woodland Ways run the Bushcraft centre in Bedford in which you’ll find SplashMaps of most National Parks in Great Britain.

Some of the Stock on it's way to Woodland Walks

Some of the Stock on it’s way to Woodland Walks

“The maps are a genious idea,” says Jason “A good map is crucial, but one that can double up as head protection, storage, bandage or a sling makes it an amazing bit of kit!”

Woodland Ways joins our other 50 retailers throughout the country and is our first in Bedfordshire.

Any other retailers wanting to become stockists for our unique destination maps, or that would like bespoke maps should contact David on 07876 390 656.

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