Join Perry McGee Tracking with a SplashMap!

I am thrilled that we can join expert, Perry McGee tracking using a SplashMap on Monday 17th June next week!

Perry McGee will test the SplashMap and train us on tracking!

Perry McGee will test the SplashMap and train us on tracking!

Perry will test the SplashMap and train us on tracking!  Teams will be created, plumes of coloured smoke will rise and unusual radio messages will be transmitted… and we’ll be on the trail!  You could be a part of this!

Perry has a long heritage in the art of tracking and bushcraft and has loved using his SplashMap since I sent him one of his local area, the Yorkshire Dales, only a month ago.  He runs the National Tracking School and regularly writes for and works with the Scouts as well as the military and the police.

He’s now keen to visit us and demo his tracking skills and the use of SplashMaps to really find your way in survival conditions! So now is the chance to unlock the survivalist in you!

We’re keen to bring in a good troop of friends, followers, perhaps Scouts, School groups and Cadets to put Perry through his paces!

The fun begins at 11am at the Queen Elizabeth Country Park where the local team are being very helpful in putting this together at short notice!

For more information, to get into a team, and to be sure you turn up in the right place, please email me using our contact form and Title your message “Perry McGee”.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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