Hot in Germany

Hot in Germany

It’s been a hectic week at Europe’s largest gathering of the Outdoor industry. My heart-felt thanks to all who visited our Austrian/ German/ UK team on the SplashMaps stand. We loved meeting all the amazing businesses and outdoor enthusiasts that keep us motivated in the outdoors. And boy was it hot in Germany?

Creating a Splash at Outdoor by ISPO – Isabelle, Carina, Arnulf and David

Through their paces

We surprised the big brands by branching out into whole new areas of Apparel. Did you know we can make leggings, hoodies, towels and rugs now? In fact the leggings proved so popular we’ve had to launch them on our website using our personalisation engine while at the show.

Check our film as two sports scientists, Isabelle and Carina, put these unique products through their paces in Yoga, boarding, gymnastics and stretches.

Carina and Isabelle put our leggings to the test

New retailers

While at the show we gained new retailers across Germany and the Netherlands. Two are local to Munich and were drawn-in by our personalised Black Forest map and our unique SplashTex recycled polyester. AlpenStrand in Landshut and Basislager in Wuerzburg took advantage of our ”Gifts and Awards” package. Benefitting from a reduced design and manufacture price, both retailers get their logos and shop locations onto a local area adventuring map on Europe’s most ethical polyester, SplashTex™.

Alex, CEO of Trapper John and his Huskies on the SplashMaps stand

Further out in Nuertingen, Trapper John’s survivalist expert and CEO, Alex Loeffler came to the stand with his two amazingly trained Huskies. He was interested in the great deal we offered with our ‘reduced minimum order quantity’ package. This entry level package needs a commitment to just 25 maps meaning an experiment to test SplashMaps with little or no additional design cost at all!

SplashMaps launched new products and 4 exclusive low-cost packages at Outdoor by ISPO 2019. We tested new ideas on the market and generally made a Splash with our usual Guerilla tactics.
There were consequences for anyone trying to walk past our stand without saying “Hi!”

Ilone Bongers of Bas Buitensport arrived at the stand to film our stock and ended-up defining a 1:40k map around the Arnhem area of the Netherlands. Our standard map maker offer (you can add a personalised title to a map of anywhere in the world) for her map assures a beautiful unique map for her cyclists and walkers.

Extending the offer

For all those at the show, the good news is that we’re extending all 4 packages explained in the above download until the end of July (when surely we all deserve a holiday?). Each package offers great “lower than list” prices on manufacture and design. If you’d like to discuss further, I will be at the Outdoor Trade Show in Manchester next week, and am always on-hand via email. Book a time with me here.

Partner Products

This visitor has an affinity with Limitless Equipment’s Survival Tin

It was great to share Limitless Equipment’s super-tough survivalist kit on the audience at the show. I was introduced to the product at a regimental dinner for the SAS. In a 180g tin there’s the means to start fires, snare food, saw wood, filter water, catch fish, draw attention and fix your wounds. An essential to go along with an indestructible map and Lofty Wiseman’s SAS Survival Guide we think. And so did many of our visitors.

The list of opportunities grew

We made a lot of contacts by doing things a little differently

The list of opportunities grew as the show went on. So many positive discussions with retailers and distributors from Japan, Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Sweden, France, Georgia, Germany, China, Australia, Finland and Russia.

James Dean’s looking for new products to retail in Georgia

But also with product manufacturers and event planners looking to extend their lines or incorporate something new.

Tony Tavi from Tentsile has a new concept in hanging hotels!

Keep in touch and keep watching this space. At SplashMaps we’re constantly adapting to help you tickle your existing clients’ interest. We want to grow your presence in the hands of your customers.


Carina and Isabelle walk away with the prize for the longest plank position at the show! You try sustaining a plank for 6 minutes!

Throughout the event we held a draw for all those joining our mailing list. The winners are:-

Jacob Reiner

Richard White

Noboru Onishi

Katarzyna Marczynska

We hope you’ll all love the maps we make for you. A separate email will describe how to create them for your area and with your title. Thanks to everyone who entered. The great news is that you will always be first with the latest map news and our best deals through our unique map news bulletin.

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  1. Wow, this is an amazing video and great documentation of the show!

    Thanks David

    • Terrific show all-round I think! Now it’s a case of getting all the information out to the right people and taking more of those plastic bottles out of circulation!