Unique leggings

SplashMaps’ legging applies our amazing map engine to get your favourite place on your legs!. Check out the latest below.


SplashMaps’ Global Trail Style map on legs

Leggings can be simply set-up by you for anywhere on the planet. It’s your way to show you don’t just love the outdoors/ adventure/ a challenge or a special place … you’ll actually wear it! What greater expression of identity could there be?


Unique map leggings from SplashMaps

At the cart stage place coupon code “leggings” into the “Apply Coupon” Box.   Start here.

Check our video of the leggings under test at Outdoor by ISPO.

Currently these are available in Ladies “small” size only. Check our models to estimate. We plan to extend options shortly.

NOTE: We use our map engine to create the print. As the print area is square and your legs are not, we cannot guarantee which area of the map will end up on which part of your leg.