29 000 recycled SplashTex products ordered!


SplashTex is the most ethical recycled fabric with lowest carbon footprint!

Our newly developed recycled fabric

SplashTex now used for all Lush’s European knot wraps

We’ve just received our biggest order yet for our recycled fabric, SplashTex. Our newly developed fine-print fabric is created entirely from PET bottles collected and converted into yarn and cloth within the EU. It will be turned into products for sale by customer, LUSH. Over the next 3 weeks our printers, masters of fine print, will be busy creating 29 000 mid-season Knot Wraps for the ethical cosmetics brand.

Let’s make a prototype from your print!

Let’s get you our trade prices

SplashMaps of Tokyo

Our New design SplashMaps Tokyo knot wrap selling well

In the same week Lush placed an order for 1000 SplashMaps of Tokyo for export and last month we supplied similar amounts for Berlin, Amsterdam and London.

A lot more orders

SplashTex; possibly the most ethical polyester in Europe.

Lush intend to meet the full requirements for Europe using SplashTex. This means a lot more orders coming down the line.

60 000 bottles saved

Check our catalogue for more information on SplashTex

A typical knot wrap prevents 2 bottles reaching landfill, going into the sea or (possibly worse?) being sent to China for recycling. That’s almost 60 000 bottles saved.
It’s a tiny contribution to a massive problem, but we’ve demonstrated that there is no reason that others in fashion, clothing and the outdoors need to continue using just virgin polyester.  Please spread the word by forwarding this article!

Just for the big retailers?

Kingsbridge Information is the latest of our retailers to order recycled SplashTex

And is this  just for the big retailers? Nonsense! All our retail customers are welcome to have their maps created on SplashTex.  We want to make a difference and take those bottles out of circulation. The latest is Kingsbridge Information Centre who received their stock in time for this amazing outdoors summer!  Could the next one be you?

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