Get Tangible

“As any map-lover knows, humans retain an enduring love for the tangible.” Enduring Love, Geographical Magazine, September 2019. Time to get tangible?

Getting an award is special. We’ll print your award-winning map FREE! See later…

A Trend

Tangible is a trend. Because the traces we leave on the world these days exist as mere bits and bytes of data, our human response has been to value the tangible even more.

Vinyl records and cassette tapes are enjoying a resurgence, and even letter writing – creating tangible pieces of captured emotion written in the hand of someone they love – is on the rise.

Enduring Love

This month Geographical Magazine picked up on the theme and, of course, featured SplashMaps in their article “Enduring Love”.

SplashMaps feature in the “Enduring Love” article in September 2019’s Geographical

Paper Origami

Beautifully written and well researched, the team chart the continued importance of printed maps from AtoZ and those bastions of paper origami, Ordnance Survey.

Too good to waste

Most importantly, Geographical picked-up on the central message. Because cartography and the art of map making invoke the highest of creative and logical skills, the work deserves to be held. And surely the most deserving way to show-off this skill is on a beautiful, recycled fabric rather than on throw-away paper?

The September 2019 Geographical features SplashMaps

A note of collaboration

Featuring our work with Jordan Wylie, rowing dangerously to save the children of Yemen, and our unique cartography created from multiple data sources, the article ends on a note of collaboration, “…despite predictions of an unhealthy consolidation of the industry, no one company can ever offer it all.”

A single print of any award-winning map

OFFER: For September 2019, SplashMaps invites award-winning map makers to get tangible. We will print a single print of any award-winning map on our unique recycled SplashTex fabric – FREE! Want to see your award-winning design get tangible, wearable, scrunchable and permanent? All we need is;

  • access to a hi-res image file (300dpi+ from a high-resolution file) to produce at any size up to 1.3m x 1.3m maximum
  • evidence of the award for your design from a recognised map/ geogaphical association
  • the award should have been presented after August 2018.

Simple enough? Start by leaving a comment here. AND please share!!

2 responses to “Get Tangible”

  1. Paul McGreavy says:


    I’m a frequent traveller to the Sultanate of Oman. I worked there in the past and now lead parties of ‘students’ from The University of the Third Age on adventure expeditions where we travel and trek throughout the country, (into the Jebal al Hajar, the Jebal Dhofar, Musandam, the Ramlat Wahiba and the Run al Khali).

    A free SplashMap of the whole Sultanate would be really useful to aid my briefings and navigation for both on and off road travel.