Charts for Rowing Dangerously

UPDATE: Mission Accomplished! Jordan completed this amazing feat in October 2019! Watch the above video for his message immediately after reaching shore.

During the fund raising 3 SplashMaps were made for the adventure. One auctioned and raised £600 for children of conflict charities. The highest price paid for a SplashMap ever! Congratulations Jordan!

Rowing Dangerously

When I met Jordan Wylie at the Destinations show, I recognised him as one of the scarily efficient hunters from the Channel 4 reality series, Hunted. As sometimes happens with me, our conversation turned to maps, whereupon he described to me the most outrageous idea. “I’m rowing solo across the most dangerous strait in the world. Can you make me a chart?”. We became a sponsor on the spot!

Children displaced, forgotten and destroyed

Jordan chose Rowing Dangerously across the Bab el Mendeb not just for its fearsome piracy, or its terrifying killer sharks. It was to draw attention to children displaced, forgotten and destroyed by the harrowing conflict beset upon the people of Yemen. Please support his amazing fund-raising efforts with charity Frontline Children, here.

The Chart we created for Rowing Dangerously highlights the dangers and the patrolled sections of the strait

SplashMaps Nautical Charts

While our personalised SplashMaps service covers the area perfectly, our standard maps are designed for brilliant navigation on land. A nautical chart was needed. I turned to trusted partners we’ve used in the past at the UK Hydrographic Office and NOAA in the USA. However, as charts of the area are sourced from a complexity of Italian, USA and UK data owners, neither source could help.

SplashMaps Charts in use for Southampton Sailing Week

Worth its weight in gold

The UKHO advised me on the closest detail and identified the 4-5 best charts. My top choice was not accessible for licensing purposes, but fellow Geomob regulars Emapsite sourced an amazing chart that covered the whole strait. The result? To quote Jordan “Worth its weight in gold!”

Jordan at Rannon’s the boat builder’s, taking a boat and leaving a signed SplashMap!

Bespoke design service

Does your event deserve its own life-long map or chart? A bespoke SplashMap is no mere curiosity or throw-away piece of merchandise. It’s a well researched and tailored tool, designed for your specific needs. Able to guide you and share your story with your team, your community and the public. Start your design with us here.

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