Is This The Best Beauty Holiday Accessory?!

Best Beauty Accessory 2016?

Best Beauty Holiday Accessory 2016?

We’ve always been stylish and practical at SplashMaps, but the latest work with LUSH now has the fashion magazines asking “Is This The Best Beauty Holiday Accessory?!”

This is exactly what Spell Magazine posted on their blog today.  They highlighted LUSH’s concept with their exclusive European Cities SplashMaps Knot Wraps and how the concept goes all the way back to World War 2.

Spell magazine is a modern companion for young style conscious women living in today’s vibrant, multi-cultural landscape.  The review in this title demonstrates how our expertise with materials, print, geographic services, marketing and cartography is expanding the appeal of maps beyond the outdoor adventure market and into much larger consumer sectors like beauty and cosmetics.

Best Beauty Holiday Accessory

Here’s what they said!

Lush launches the SplashMap Knot Map and it’s awesome!

Spell coverageHoliday packing can be hell, especially when it comes to making sure you have all your beauty booty and fashion accessories. Luckily Lush have come up with the ultimate solution thanks to their limited edition SplashMap Knot Wraps (£20 each). Pictures with maps of the most popular European city break destinations such as London, Rome, Paris, Amsterdam and Berlin, these washable, wearable fabric maps are easy to fold and won’t get damaged in the rain.

Whilst travelling you can use them to wrap your soap, shampoo bars and solid hair and body conditioners. Once you land you can use as a cool bag to carry your camera and makeup or even as a scarf to protect your braids! Not forgetting to help you find your way around town should your phone battery die! The possibilities go on and on!

In line with the Lush ethos, they are also made from Greenspun fabric, which is manufactured from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles, reducing landfill and plastic waste. The history behind them is also super interesting. SplashMaps are inspired by wartime maps, which were printed on parachute silk. During World War II, RAF pilots and Special Forces used these silk escape and evasion maps because, unlike paper, silk is quiet, doesn’t rustle and is easy to hide or sew inside clothing. They were even smuggled into prisoner of war camps to help troops find their way home.

If that wasn’t enough, the way the wraps are knotted is inspired by the ancient Japanese tradition of furoshiki and can be tied in lots of creative ways to make your gifts look gorgeous…

Available exclusively from Lush.





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