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All water-bourne adventurers! Whether you’re sailing the open seas, paddling down serene rivers, or gliding along the coast, explore the waters with SplashMaps and you’re covered with our innovative weatherproof fabric maps and charts.

Discover Our Unique Maps and Charts

Sea-Proof Navigation: Our maps are crafted on durable weatherproof fabric designed to withstand the elements, making them perfect for on-deck navigation. Say goodbye to the degrading experience of folding maps and charts!

Accurate Bearings: Our non-stretch fabric ensures accurate bearings can be taken even in challenging conditions, helping you navigate with confidence.

Versatile Utility: Not just for navigation, our maps double as on-board tablecloths, sun shields, or even bandanas to keep you cool under the sun. With SplashMaps, versatility is key.

NEW: Order Sea Chart Microfibre Towel & Upgrade with an Ordnance Survey on the reverse! It’s a first in sea-land navigation! Find that hidden bay & hike to the nearest pub!

Exploring Further? Testimonial

Check-out and support Dan Smith’s fantastic Solo Yukon Adventure HERE

“I’m delighted with it! Great job SplashMaps” – Dan Smith, Northern Outdoors, paddling the Yukon

Have us design for a completely unique long distance map HERE.

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Sailing Adventurer, Conrad Humphreys, with his Plymouth Sound Chart from SplashMaps

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Or personalize your own map to capture your favorite coastline, river and lake routes.

International Service

With our international service, you can access maps in two scales anywhere in the world. Plus, we offer national mapping agency maps in the UK (Ordnance Survey) and USA (USGS) for detailed exploration.

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