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Why do I, as a cycling gent, always have to be the scruffiest person in the room? True, the right cycling gear can look cool between cyclists and out on the trails but, dressing for cycling and dressing for the office are two things. Right?

Episode 1: Keeping that shine – Scroll down for more episodes

Bikes shouldn’t hinder

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not wedded to formal wear (unless it has maps on it), but, despite 10 years out of mainstream office environments, I still want to look sharp. My beloved bikes shouldn’t hinder that.


Not all formal wear needs maps

Enhance my appearance

I’m aware my standards have slipped since becoming a cycling gent, and I often don’t buy the latest fad. Regular readers know, I value stuff that’s purposeful and lasts. But I believe, in fact, that cycling should enhance my appearance as well as my wellbeing.

Cycling Gent

So, I’m inviting you to “Cycling Gent” on the SplashMaps YouTube channel; a new series of 1 minute“how to” videos that’ll help you arrive on time, in great condition and looking sharp whatever the weather. Don’t get me wrong! I’ve got a loooong way to go to shake that scruffy image, but I hope you’ll enjoy taking the journey with me.

Episode 1: Focussing on shoes

How to keep those shoes sharp on the commute

This week I’m focussing on shoes. Often they’re the first thing that gets you sized-up, but they’re normally the first thing to get compromised when you commute by bike. The ones that are great for the office are not the first choice on the pedals. And the best practical, speedy and efficient shoes for your ride could cobble your Wall Street stride. My issues?

  • My cycle shoes are old and scruffy,
  • often muddy and
  • any compromise footwear (trainers etc.) tend to pong!

We just don’t do compromises

Though there are middle-ground solutions to all the above as designers get more adventurous with materials, we just don’t do compromises at SplashMaps. Let’s look sharp!

Your cleats a-clacking?

What do your shoes say about you?

I mean, really, d’you think those flats cut-it in the boardroom? Is anyone loving the sound of your cleats a-clacking? If you’re trying to make an impression you might as well shuffle round the office in your Lycra shorts and a pair of slippers!

That effort pays off

The fact is, smart shoes require effort, and that effort pays-off. Trouble is,

  • no one wants to carry shoes on their bike,
  • no one wants to polish shoes at work, and
  • no cyclist can keep newly shined shoes sharp once they’re been scuffed, pedalled and scraped through the morning traffic.

Untouched sheen

Journey’s end! How did they keep that shine?

In today’s video, I’ll show you how to arrive ahead of the pack, on your bike and with the slickest of shiny shoes. No scuffs, no water stains, no danger of oily messes, just beautifully warmed tootsies in the most virgin of polished leathers in any kind of weather. By god, I even found the process buffed the shoes to a seemingly untouched sheen!

Episode 2: How about Helmet hair

How about helmet hair? That scurge of the Cycling Gent. How can you look sharp with those ridges on your scalp? We come to the rescue with a unique solution in episode 2.

Episode 3: Light-weight way to stay warm in frosty winds

I’ve nearly passed-out from a cold chest after long descents to work. Not a great look! Nor is wearing a Ski jacket on your bike. Here’s how to keep warm, stay light and arrive at work with minimal fuss on a f-f-frosty day!

Take part!

Take part with Cycling Gent! Are shoes that important? Are there more tips? Have a neat commuting tip for your fellow travellers? Subscribe to the SplashMaps channel on YouTube and leave your comments below.

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