Another SplashMaps Wedding

Our Waistcoats, beautifully crafted by Allana Marsh, have provided a dynamic and unique centre piece to another unique wedding!

Robert and Bride!

The now Mr and Mrs Steele chose the Isle of Wight map to create ties, fabric button-holes, cuff-links and waistcoats for the groom and his groomsmen.  Having watched the video, I know it was true SplashMaps weather.  But I also know this is a couple unphased by weather.

Having met travelling with work, it sounds as if they’re about to start another round-the-world journey before they embark on the rest of life’s journey.

Here’s what Robert had to say;

“Just a quick message to show you how well the map fabric worked for my Wedding attire recently.  Allana made a waistcoat and lapel pin using the satin fabric and i had made 4 neck ties and pocket squares using the super-size polyester fabric.  I loved how each neck tie was tailored to the individual by selecting a sentimental part of the island (Wight) from their childhood – though the prison was the best option for my Austalian groomsman!  All the clothing was a focal point for guests and fit into our adventure, rural, outdoor and map theme really well.”

Allana, our amazing tailor, said “Robert had some very specific things in mind.  It was great that he could set the maps up himself using SplashMaps’ on-line personalisation service.”

Get started on yours?

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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