Customers define 4 new products

Customers define 4 new products

We often use experts to help us position our maps, but in recent days we’ve started to exploit folk we meet at our shows.  This week customers define 4 new products!  How better to define a map than to centre it on the main attractions and make sure the jumping-on and off points are properly highlighted.

Just from the Battle in the Bowl Cyclocross event we were able to set-up 3 new maps.  Being cyclists of course they needed 1:40 000 detail and our “destinations” style highlighting bridleways and byways,

Our New Destination series SplashMaps

  1. Dorset Downs: Dan Churchill is a regular cyclocross, road and mountain biker.  He wanted a map that linked up our Isle of Purbeck Map with his favourite exploring area between the new Forest and Shaftesbury.  The map fills a gap for all our lovers of the Dorset & Wiltshire countryside and Chalk Downs in particular.
  2. North Wessex Downs: Positioned by Chris Smith, this is a great addition for anyone mountain biking, running or walking on the tallest hills in southern England.  It overlaps at Andover with our Stockbridge Test Valley Map which itself links to the South Downs map series and New Forest.  Anywhere in the Southern Counties we haven’t covered?
  3. Black Mountains: Laura Moffatt wanted a 1:40 000 of her beloved mountains that included the arrival points to the East via Abergavenny and the tallest peaks with the Sugar Loaf near centre.

Each customer went ahead and bought their maps and now you can too!

Our latest Ordnance Survey 1:25k SplashMap

Of course 1:25k Maps are best for walking challenges.  Just like the 3 Peaks in Yorkshire, the slightly low 3 Peaks of the Chilterns can all fit on our standard 73 x 73 weatherproof fabric maps in the Ordnance Survey 1:25k Explorer sytle.  Thanks to Claire Corner for setting up this map too!

Is there a popular map area we don’t have on our site?  Get in touch! All you need do is buy the first one at our standard price


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