Bespoke for Weddings and Races

Big events deserve the bespoke treatment.  After all, it’s often uniqueness that makes an occasion special. Mapfeinds, outdoor lovers and event organisers alike are all stretching their imagination to make Weddings, Races and their special places stand out from an ever growing crowd.

Map titles and locations tailored for wedding tables.

Map titles and locations tailored for wedding tables.

Tailoring tangible products for events is a rapidly growing area.  Print technology has evolved alongside database developments to make personalisation so much easier.  Meld in some expert cartography and you’ve created a real identity for your event.  And this is where we are the pro’s!

We make bespoke maps printed onto fabric.  We’ll take data from a number of open sources and and use this as the foundation for bespoke maps for these unique events.  As requests for weddings rise toward peak season we’re already helping couples theme their tables by National Park and Honeymoon destinations (the Isle of Skye makes for a great top table!).

We’re also planning for a long summer of bike and running events with dedicated maps including L’Eroica Britannia in the Peak District, the 3 Peaks Cyclocross in the Yorkshire Dales and the Night Rider in London.

Our Nightrider map

Our Nightrider map

For these events a fabric map is an essential when finding your way and keeping the sun, mud & rain off your aching body. Most importantly the map is a beautiful and permanent memento and an ideal way to carry the branding of the event and enforcing those legacy ambitions.

But a bespoke map can also address other less obvious needs.  Our Stage 1 & 2 maps in the Yorkshire Dales are specifically designed to highlight the off-road and cycle friendly Sustrans routes to the best vantage points of the Tour.  The ambition is for people to park outside the field of play and pedal to the action.  Yup, the maps help reduce congestion and encourage fans to use their own 2 wheels alongside their cycling heroes.

One of our retailers has also commissioned changing room curtains made of maps!  Is there anything we can’t help to make?

For any events we have 3 basic offerings which we regularly tailor to taste, budget and purpose.

1) Destination Maps; We’ve created maps of the most adventurous places in Great Britain which sell through local retailers and through our on-line shop.

2) Personalised Maps; We let you define the map yourself and give it your own title.

3) Bespoke Maps; For events where perfectly designed fabric maps are making a big difference to great events, we’ll include branding, bespoke cartography and bespoke points of interest and route markings.

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