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Plan it pub by pub – SplashMaps highlights pubs and beer gardens anywhere in the world

A perfect guide for everyone who loves the outdoors, including walkers, hikers, mountain bikers, climbers and adventurers.

Personalised SplashMaps are

Centred anywhere (worldwide!)


Given a personal title


Printed on weatherproof washable fabric


Stuffable/ virtually indestructible


Familiar Ordnance Survey mapping for all GB!



All you need to navigate:


No map carrier


Less weight


No batteries


No fuss!


How you create your own map…





Looking for inspiration? Try these made by recent customers:

Cycling Maps in France


Toobs for heads & necks


A Map for Duke of Edinburgh Award

Create YOUR map…


What they say about our maps…

“Hands off my SplashMap! says Army Cadet Commander”

“it was invaluable and so much easier to use than a normal map. An awesome bit of kit!”

– Pete Lloyd, Detachment Commander

“Map Mastery – Chart Hit”

“Paper Maps could be a thing of the past now we’ve found these fabric alternatives. No more fighting with folds or rain-soaked paper, just scrunch it up and put it in your pocket. (You can personalise yours to feature anywhere on the globe.) We’d much rather live in a material world!”

– Sunday Times Travel Magazine