SplashMaps – our future plans revealed


We dived in this season!  We’ve run races, ridden the ways, provided prizes, manned stands and had our goods thoroughly felt by an awful lot of people.

All this tests our original concept against the market.  The outcomes help shape SplashMaps for use in the REAL outdoors.  The team’s done a great job!  Below, our future plans revealed.

The summer events team, John, David, Max

The summer events team, John, David, Max

Our REAL outdoor specification seems to have struck a chord with all our target markets in events and outdoor adventures.  We’ve had great feedback from adventurers and media alike.  Our first 8 months shows maps sales have moved into the thousands, so we’re definitely onto something!

With our generic specification we’ve packaged the essentials for the outdoors.  It’s in our cartography, the materials we’ve used and in the construction of the map itself.  MTB, road bikers and horse riders love the clear Rights of Way designations.  It gives them a confidence in setting off on trails less known!  Runners and adventure racers love the originality and clarity of the cartography that helps them train, plan and visualise the challenges ahead.

But what about tailoring?

Tailoring data is the major trend we are following.  We’ve used our spec and made personalised maps for weddings, on-road bike races and adventure race challenges for all the below!

But we plan to go further and will shortly make a series of launches that will demonstrate our capability for putting you in charge of what’s on the fabric.

We've tailored maps for all these

We’ve tailored maps for all these

And what about the coming season?

Summer was a time for connecting with the market.  During the Indian Summer (lets not expect Autumn for some time) it’s a time for communicating where we plan to go next.

So where will you find out more?

1) We’re on BBC Radio on Monday 2nd September at 17.40 Follow at https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p01ff8zb

2) We’ve been invited to present our work at CartoSoc on Wednesday 4th September in Stoke-on-Trent (David Overton)

3) We’re presenting SplashMaps at the Open Source event FOSS4G on 19th September (Arnulf Christl)

4) We’ll be presenting our update to the GeoMob in London again on 29th October, one year on from their intial support of our idea!

All will be revealed  soon!  And of course, you can always keep-up by liking our Facebook page and following our Twitter.

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