Vote SplashMaps in the Outdoor Industry Awards 2021!

Vote SplashMaps in the Outdoors Industry Awards

Vote SplashMaps! Was it SplashMaps voters that crashed the voting server for the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA) last weekend? All back now… and we need your vote! 

Kit for 2021

Our Award Winning Ordnance Survey Toob Mask of Ben Nevis

Spring is here and a hugely expanding community of outdoor enthusiasts are looking to upgrade their kit for 2021. Where better to check the latest than the entrants of the Outdoor Industry Awards 2021?

Judge them yourself!

The ONLY way you’ll get to see these eco, light-weight, glow at night, blend in, no waste, stronger, better, more versatile products is to judge them yourself! 

Microfibre Towel is designed for open water swimmers, camping, and general trail use

Who better?

Yes, this year, thanks to the pandemic, the products are being judged by you! As someone with a passion for the outdoors, who better? Let your views be known right now, right here!

Find award winning SplashMaps

Maps? Because they look great too! The Vibrant City Scarf in a bandana fold

Among the categories you will find award winningSplashMaps products of course, and we’re very grateful for your vote on each of these.

Best product of 2021?

But which is the best outdoor product of 2021? We’ll let YOU be the judge of that!

Real People’s say

Please vote and forward this message to your outdoors loving friends and colleagues to help get a real people’s say!

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