Top 2 consumer cycling magazines?

Running our story in Cycling World magazine

Running our story in Cycling World magazine

I love going to my newsagent and picking up cycling magazines these days.

There’s something about the smell of the pages (I’m told it comes down to Kaolin content).

I thought all these magazines would cover roughly the same stuff, but in fact they are very targeted. Our Top 2 consumer cycling magazines are;

The recently born Cyclist Magazine is a very high-class and quality magazine, as much about the mental processes of cycling than the cycling grind.  Makes me feel more like a hero (though a little humble at times!).  Its classy matt finish and stunning B&W photography make a striking brand image that’s never let down by the content.

Cycling World is a glossier covered journey-man of a title.  Driving you to want to head to foreign lands to do your miles with practical comparisons on products and dedicating decent space to the latest innovations. Just see when you turn to page 28 in this month’s edition!

This month Cycling world ran a full page feature based on our data crunching of our customer base.  They’re as intrigued as we are to find we’ve created a demographic shift in the mapping world.  Keep cycling and never be lost ladies in lycra!


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