Three things you need from custom maps

Three things you need from custom maps

Serious explorers and adventurers – like gift buyers for walkers, cyclists and runners – know there are three things you need from custom maps. Our short films let you into the secret.

1) Making a meaningful map ANYWHERE in the world is a simple 1 minute job


2) Planning and changing your plans on the map must be super easy

3) In action the map has to be the most convenient to read and swift to stowe away

The nation’s most accomplished

This week we gained views from the nation’s most accomplished woman mountain biker, Sally Bigham, TV presenter and explorer, Paul Rose and a host of Adventurers from the Royal Geographical Society’s Explore event.


Paul Rose and his SplashMap of Windermere

Serious business

For all these guys mapping is a serious business. With roles that include; mountain rescue, leading clients and being at the forefront of pioneering scientific research; custom maps have a crucial role in planning, navigating and coordinating activity anywhere.

It’ll certainly work for you


Explore delegates at the RGS-IBG this week

In short, if SplashMaps‘ custom maps are good enough for these guys it’ll certainly work for you.

Out-perform GPS and paper maps

So how did SplashMaps fare? Could cloth out-perform GPS and paper maps in the face of such expertise?

In the hands of experts

You won’t be surprised that SplashMaps were well loved and the clear benefits were demonstrated in the hands of experts.

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