The world’s best turn to SplashMaps

SplashMaps has swiftly gained a reputation for making the best maps on earth.  The International Cartographic Association say we’re at the “perfect confluence of function and form” and the Society of Cartographers have awarded us their Wallis award for our exceptional cartography.

UntitledSo when we decided to map the skys?  Of course we teamed up with the best.  We were introduced to the foremost celestial cartographer, Wil Tirion by our customer, a guy who already loves our maps but could see a huge advantage of having a map that’s not pulped in the evening dew (a common occurrence for Star Gazers).

Wil set about making a dedicated map file that’s an ideal for this application.  The Key, explanation, branding and credits all surround the circular map of the Northern Hemisphere Stars.  Just for this map he’s also added in the months of the year to indicate when the stars appear above our horizon.

It’s an amazing project and the beginnings of a new approach as the worlds best turn to SplashMaps to get their maps used in more intuitive ways!

One response to “The world’s best turn to SplashMaps”

  1. Barbi Colson says:

    I want one of these!!! On fabric like Tiff had!