The reusable mask of the season

Ordnance Survey’s Toob Masks from SplashMaps of Great Britain’s Mountains


The reusable mask of the season

The nights are drawing in, the weather getting worse but SplashMaps have you covered! Designed for the coming months, our Toob Masks are the reusable mask of the season.

Perfect for warm heads, necks and physical distancing

Toob Masks keep out the chill with finely woven fabrics and a comfy double layer. Secure around your face with a handy toggle for swift physical distancing on the trail or in town. They’re perfect for warm heads and necks.

Cosy-down but stay outside

The New Forest Toob Masks are upgraded with a double layer, draw string and toggle

First in this new format are popular destinations like the New Forest, Lake District and our Ordnance Survey Mountain series, here pictured as we prepare to cosy-down but stay outside.

OS’s map of Snowdon on a SplashMaps Toob Mask

North European Cities

The new format will soon include a range of Vibrant City Maps. Major North European Cities will all become available on Satin Scarves,   and Face Masks in this specially designed uplifting urban style.

SplashMaps’ vibrant city Stockholm Toob Mask is part of a new series of North European Cities

Introductory offer!

And, for now, they’re all on introductory offer at the same price as our standard Toobs! Better product, same price. That’s progress 😊.

The beauty of a map

OS Toob Mask on the wrist

Readers of “A Map for all Seasons” (available FREE on the home page) understand the tension between the beauty of a map and its practical use. After all, a breath taking but pointless design can be just as perilous as an overly intricate one when wayfinding. Isn’t the skill to try and keep your product’s purpose and the needs of your audience in sharp focus when designing?

More than just a face lift

The New Forest Toob Mask as a headwarmer

That’s why our Toob Masks are more than just a facelift for an already business defining product. We’ve designed these with YOU and NOW in mind. When you choose a Toob Mask you choose to stay safe, protect each other and the planet without compromising your map!

Costs less, makes you better looking and unburdens the planet

The Vibrant City Toob Mask is versatile and can be used as a hair band

The global trend toward wearing face coverings was our design inspiration. Wherever you go faces, once covered in blue single use plastic face masks, are now replaced with emblems of identity. Design is driving better behaviours. Flags, symbols, statements and, of course, maps adorn more people’s faces as they do the maths and consider the planet. Indeed, maintaining a few reusable face masks costs less, makes you better looking and unburdens the planet’s oceans from the shame of single use masks.

SplashMaps’ Lake District Toob Mask with drawstring and toggle

Buy one for someone now

Do your bit. Buy one for someone now. See how great design can brighten faces – be they trail seekers or city lovers.

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