Cornwall map attractions

Topping the Cornwall map attractions this year, SplashMaps is announced as the Official Mapping Partner at the Armchair Adventure Festival 2022!

SplashMaps is the official Map Partner for the Armchair Adventure Festival 2022. We’re grateful to the Interreg funded SmartT e-Textiles project for funding us!

Cornwall on a Map of England

Cornwall on a Map of England's South Coast and the Armchair Adventure Festival.

Every outdoor lover needs to be in Cornwall this year! For those in the UK it promises to be a perfect staycation year once more. For those visiting, this event will really put Cornwall on a Map of England!

A Celebration of Adventure in a Breathtaking Cornish Location

The Armchair Adventure Festival is for those for whom adventure is a way of life!
Cornwall Map Attractions

#AAF22 promises to be the UK’s most adventurous festival of 2022. Well seasoned adventurers are already lined up. Each will get time allocated to helping you plan your get away in the SplashMaps Planning tent!

Double the discount

Getting inspired for Adventure: then meet the headliners for planning in the SplashMaps Planning Tent

Get the inspiration and advice of a lifetime with a double discount! May is early bird month! And on top of that, knowing SplashMaps means you get a further 10% off! Start here and use code MAP10 for your extra discount!

Celebrate a double discount on Cornwall & Adventure your way!

The Sidecar Guys

Guiness world record holders, Matt and Reece, rode a scooter and sidecar around the world following a SplashMap! The #AAF2022 is their brainchild. Kown as the Sidecar Guys, they’re already Ambassadors of SplashMaps, so it’s terrific to support them at their own event too!

In their own words!

SplashMaps’ Planning Tent

SplashMaps are the official Map Partner to the Armchair Adventure Festival in Cornwall 2022

Meet the adventurers and pour over the maps of your adventure at the greatest of Cornwall map attractions this year! SplashMaps’ Planning Tent is the meeting point for practitioners, planners and Armchair Adventurers. Try your hand at Map reading, learn about the future of maps and sneak a peak at our latest prototypes before creating your own SplashMap!

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